Vallecita Residence

The Vallecita residence is designed for a chemically sensitive (MCS) client with an interest in deeply reducing the family’s environmental footprint. Careful specification of materials and use of a heat recovery ventilation system create an indoor refuge from the volatile toxins that are ubiquitous in industrialized countries and in many standard construction materials.

Passive solar/high mass construction and super-insulation work with photovoltaic and active solar thermal systems to drastically reduce energy consumption. Roof storm water is collected and used as the primary source for landscaping. Coldrolled steel cladding is used on solar roof elements, including monitors serving northside bedrooms and the photovoltaic shed that defines an office.

The second phase of this project is net-zero energy (HERS 0) and certified LEED Platinum.

architecture: Hugh MacPherson Driscoll, principal, Chord Architecture.